Thoughts on Smartphone Usage

RJ Silva:

I don’t reblog much here but I loved the insight this poll provides. And yes, I’m guilty as charged. My phone is now my primary camera.

Originally posted on Photofocus:

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Last week, we ran a poll on smartphone usage by photographers.  If you haven’t voted, we’d love to hear your opinion (click here). We’re trying to better understand how photographers view smartphones.

The Results So Far

The results so far are quite interesting (people were allowed to vote on multiple choices, but only one time total).  Here’s where it breaks down (with my editorial analysis included).

  • I Use It If It’s The Only Camera I Have 31.17% No surprises here.  A photographer will not let the moment escape.  If a tool exists within their reach, then a smartphone will be used.
  • I Use My Phone For Planning And Photo Utilities 15.8% This number is much lower than I thought it would be.  I find my phone indispensable (as to most of the Photofocus writers). There are so many apps I use to track the sun…

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