Gotta get out of this writer’s block

So here I am, just trying to force myself out of this very prolonged writer’s block I’ve been immersed in, by posting something, whatever to this blog; even if it’s just an image that reflects what writer’s block can sometimes feel like.

Now, another couple of reasons which helped this post see the light of day is on the one hand me figuring out how to embed the Getty Image seen above, and on the other, experimenting with how this post reaches my Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr accounts the moment this post goes liveĀ thanks to the miracle of Publicize brought to you by the good folks at WordPress. Let’s see how this goes.

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2 thoughts on “Gotta get out of this writer’s block

  1. Hope you get over your writer’s block soon – there really is nothing worse that when you have a head full of thoughts and no words to express them is there? If it helps you at all, I just posted my top tips for getting your writing mojo back:

    • Hey I loved your post on how to get your writing mojo back. Specially the image that goes with it. Exactly how I’d been feeling lately. You have a nice weekend y’hear.

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